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Gardening requires lots of water~most of it in the form of perspiration.~Lon Erickson

It was time.  Although things still look green and lush and white snapdragons are bravely blooming, it was time to start garden clean-up.garden blog 001

It is always a sad time, like covering the swimming pool or draining the mower for winter storage.  You are admitting that summer is past, even though it is past whether you admit or not.garden blog 003

So, I got a start.  It will take several days to pull up everything and move it to the compost heap.  Then time to dig in the fertilizer and compost, layer everything with newspaper and seal with black plastic.  The earth worms will have a cozy place to keep plowing all winter long.

I had a wonderful garden this year.  Gardeners are never satisfied though and I will enjoy those long dark evenings in January and February when I stroll through the stacks of nursery catalogs that will come my way.  Already I have a new plan in place to cut down weeds, grow my fall décor and have more roses.  In the meantime though we will enjoy the pickles and the sweet potatoes….the first ones I’ve ever grown.garden blog 005

Can’t be too sad yet, there are still plenty of hours to spend in the garden before the snow flies and I can call it a job well done.